FCP/AP Roadmap

Primary Care is a very different environment to traditional ambulance service settings and as such requires specific capabilities to work safely and effectively. Traditionally, an ambulance paramedic’s development focuses on increasing their clinical expertise. A key aspect of a First Contact Practitioner (FCP) or Advanced Practitioner (AP) working in Primary Care is the development and integration of all four elements of Advanced Practice which naturally interlink.

The First Contact Practitioner (FCP) Roadmap for Paramedics guides our Primary Care Paramedics to evidence their skills, knowledge and attributes to demonstrate such capabilities, and to thus work towards recognition and inclusion on HEE’s Centre of Advancing Practice Directories. It provides a clear route from entry into Primary Care to FCP and to AP levels of practice whether by an academic route or by the development of a portfolio to evidence retrospective skills, including experience, which will facilitate recognition via the portfolio route.

Helen Beaumont-Waters, Advanced Paramedic and Head of Clinical Development in Primary and Urgent Care, College of Paramedics

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Health Education England now has a webpage specific to the Roadmaps to Practice for all the AHP professions.  This is where updates, bulletins and useful information will be added.  Click here to access.