The Health Education England (HEE) Return to Practice programme can provide help and information for those wanting to return to practice. It enables former HCPC registrants that have left their professions to re-enter and gain their HCPC registration again. If you have been off the register for two or more years, or if you did not register within five years after qualification, you will need to undertake a period of updating your skills and knowledge. This can be undertaken within the healthcare educational and social care sector. The HEE programme will support returnees who undertake supervised practice in the following areas including the NHS, Social Care Councils, Charities, Voluntary and non-profit making independent sector organisations.

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Paramedics who are no longer registered, and who wish to apply for re-admission to the Register, should find the link below to the HCPC publication beneficial. You may also find it helpful if you are registered with the HCPC but have not been practising, if you are considering a break in your practice, and thinking about what this might mean in the future, or if you are considering supervising or employing a returner to practice.

In addition, everything you need to know about joining, renewing, and leaving the HCPC Register can be found here