The Paramedic Council provides a platform for member representatives to steer and shape the future of the College of Paramedics

Representatives will: 

* Advocate for the voice of the collective membership in all that the College does
* Articulate the needs, interests and opinions of members wherever they work
* Communicate to ensure an informed and engaged membership

The Paramedic Council has the ability to steer and shape the College’s ongoing work and future aspirations by providing a platform for representatives to advocate for their members, ensuring a strong and articulate voice in all that the College does, and by providing a clear and vital communication channel between the College and members.

The Council will hold regular meetings to discuss regional and national issues, which are important to our members. It will play an instrumental part in ensuring that strategy is developed and delivered with membership interests at its heart. The Council will be supported by Head Office staff to develop connections with members within their region or sector and build effective member groups and networks. It will be the voice of the membership, collecting themes, trends, initiatives and views, ensuring that each and every Council member has the opportunity to articulate, and advocate for, the College member perspective.

Working together, the Board of Trustees, Paramedic Council and Chief Executive Group will provide collective leadership for the College of Paramedics and ensure the effective running of the charity, delivery of strategy and active membership representation. Read more about this on our Governance Restructure page.

The Paramedic Council has been working in a shadow format so far in 2021 and will officially launch at the AGM 14th September 2021.

Making up the membership of the shadow Council has been the Representative Trustees, who are currently part of the Board of Trustees and were elected by members in their region/sector. For more information read the Paramedic Council Terms of Reference

The Interim Chair of Council, Rory O’Connor, has been chairing the shadow Council, having been elected in October 2020 by the Board of Trustees from candidates within the Board to take on this temporary role before the first full election of the Chair of Council in July 2021. 

Rory was the successful candidate in this election and will continue his work to establish the role of the Chair of Council as integral to the leadership, drive and collaborative working that is needed to guide the College through the coming years. He has work with his fellow Council members to develop the Paramedic Council into the platform for amplifying the membership voice.

The 13 member representatives on the Council will represent: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, North West, North East, Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern, London, South West, South East and the Military and Overseas sector.

Your region is related to where you work or live. Read more about your region/sector by downloading the Paramedic Council Election Guidance.
Find out more about the Paramedic Council Election process.

The Paramedic Council’s purpose is to represent the views of our members within the College of Paramedics.
The primary aims are:  



Paramedic Council Elections

Find out more about the Paramedic Council Election process.

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