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Curriculum Guidance

The education undertaken by prospective paramedics is without doubt a pivotal component in shaping their continued professional journey. Never more-so than in the current healthcare landscape, with an expectation of improved and increased services whilst delivering within increasingly constrained financial circumstances. The ability to meet expectations of healthcare delivery in the 21st century is commensurate at least with robust and appropriate education.
Paramedics are Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) who are rapidly diversifying and migrating into wider healthcare sectors in order to continue to contribute towards the delivery of the type of quality UK service users have become accustomed to. They are required to assess, treat, manage, discharge and/or where appropriate refer service users requiring, acute, chronic, and/or specialist services in primary, secondary, and supra-regional care.

This evolvement of paramedics and their practice requires a mirrored change in their undergraduate education, hence this new edition of the Paramedic Curriculum Guidance aims to reflect the changing professional and practice arena as well as outline the latest requirements of a paramedic education programme.

The College of Paramedics continues to lead the development of the paramedic profession, not least via the publication of documents such as this one. The College is not only committed to ensuring the quality of education programmes, but encourages delivery of innovative, engaging education that fosters lifelong learning and development of our future professional group. It is essential that all those who are involved in the delivery of paramedic education and training programmes are fully aware of the complexities of the profession and the responsibilities paramedics discharge in delivering a broad spectrum of healthcare.

The College firmly believes that this 4th Edition of the Paramedic Curriculum Guidance provides the most up to date guidance available for those delivering paramedic education and training, and that by adopting the curriculum guidance, education providers and employers of new registrants will enhance the quality of paramedical services throughout the UK.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, this curriculum guidance can give service users, commissioners, and key stakeholders’ in the provision of paramedic care, wherever they are in the country – the assurance that paramedics have been prepared for practice. The curriculum guidance has been developed through an effective collaboration that has involved education providers, practice based education providers, patient advisory forum, student paramedics, subject specialists, and College members whose role incorporates the clinical, educational, leadership and management, or research pillars of the Post-Registration Paramedic Career Framework.

Please feel free to provide us with feedback on the Curriculum Guidance.




John Martin, FCPara
Chair of the College of Paramedics
September 2017