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Employers Guide for Primary and Urgent Care

The College of Paramedics is pleased to release a new Employers’ Guide for Paramedics in Primary and Urgent Care. The document is the first project to be completed by our Primary and Urgent Care Special Interest Group (PUCSIG) and will become a live document on our website. This first version has been created by a multi-professional group, with input from a range of external stakeholders. 

The guide is for employers, or potential employers of paramedics – to have in one place the core information regarding:

  1. The current education and regulatory standards for the paramedic profession
  2. Requirements for consolidation for new registrants
  3. Support and development for paramedics, including clinical supervision
  4. Recommendations for CPD, appraisal and career development

The document will be live on our website and subject to regular review and updates as required. Feedback on this first version is welcome, please email membership@collegeofparamedics.co.uk and we will collate feedback ready for our next PUCSIG meeting in September.