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Digital Career Framework

As one of the key providers of healthcare in urgent and emergency care, paramedics have a unique role that intersects healthcare, public health, social care and public safety. The role of the paramedic has developed considerably in recent decades and today, they are responsible for providing many patients and service users with the most appropriate treatment at their first point of contact with a health professional.

As health care shifts towards being delivered more in the community and in the context of the challenges set by the Urgent and Emergency Care Review, the workforce must have the right skills and competencies to meet the demands of the contemporary healthcare setting and the changes it is likely to go through. It will also need to have the values and behaviours expected within the NHS, able to be flexible and above all, provide excellent and safe patient care.

Looking to the future, we know that education and training will be central to delivering and developing these skills. It must, therefore, be of an excellent standard, meet the requirements of the contemporary regulatory and strategic framework and encourage widening participation. The College of Paramedics has already undertaken work to address this issue and develop the clinical, educational, managerial, and research abilities for post registered paramedics. This has included developing current and potential career opportunities, some of which include development into the wider healthcare of the community.

This framework seeks to further aid this, acting as a guide to the most appropriate education, knowledge, and expertise available to paramedics as they develop their skills along their career framework pathway. Initially published in 2015, it has now been updated to reflect this work and includes a number of case studies to help illustrate these pathways. It is a key milestone in leading the development of the paramedic profession, a commitment of the College of Paramedics. We believe it provides the best advice for paramedics seeking to develop their skills, and we would like to thank all those involved for their hard work, time and contributions in getting us to this point.

Paramedics are now delivering care and treatments that would have only been undertaken by doctors ten years ago, and we hope that this work will support this development. Looking forward we anticipate paramedics becoming an integral part of the multi-professional workforce delivering urgent and emergency patient centred care in the future.
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