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College of Paramedics Consultant Register

The College of Paramedics Consultant Register has been developed to acknowledge those in the paramedic profession who practice and work at a consultancy level and to provide professional leadership from a systems and strategic perspective that encompasses all areas of paramedic practice.  

In late 2018 the College of Paramedics established a Consultant Paramedic Register from the then existing members of the College of Paramedics Consultant Paramedic Committee. This was phase one of the development of a Consultant Paramedic Register complete. Phase two will provide the opportunity for all those that currently hold a Consultant Paramedic job title to join the register. The process of applying for entry to the voluntary register will be by completion of an Application Form, available to download. Also available to download is the Consultant Paramedic Register – PHASE TWO Guidance document to help with the application process. Phase two is expected to be completed during September 2019 after which the College of Paramedics Consultant Register will be officially launched. Work is currently being undertaken to develop phase three to allow future entry onto the register for eligible individuals who are not currently in a Consultant Paramedic role. This process is designed to enable individuals who meet the entry criteria to submit an application in a similar way to phase two but with the addition of a Consultant Register Approvals Panel element to ensure consistency and fairness. Phase three will be launched once phase two is complete towards the end of 2019.