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Technology being used to locate 999 callers

Posted: 13.08.2019

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Where callers are unsure where they are or are having difficulty describing their location, what3words is a free app that could help to identify where they are.  To some extent, it could depend on which organisation the call is made to because although there are some 35 emergency service organisations using the technology, only a small number of those are ambulance services.

The free app enables people to tell control centres exactly where they are because their location will have a unique three-word description.  The what3words technology breaks the world up into 57 trillion areas of three-square metres each and gives each of those areas a unique three-word address.  Where there is no data signal, the app can still locate callers using GPS.

You can watch a case study film that involves Avon & Somerset and Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Police at https://vimeo.com/302872579.  And there's a full list of emergency services that use the technology, along with some case studies at https://what3words.com/news/emergency/uk-emergency-services-rollout-what3words-in-control-rooms-to-save-resources-time-and-lives/.

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