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Looking to Speak with Smoking Paramedics

Posted: 22.08.2019

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Change Incorporated, a Vice Media website dedicated to helping people quit cigarettes, is looking to speak with paramedics who smoke.

The site covers a huge range of issues around smoking and is looking at putting a piece together on professionals in the front-line like police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics who smoke. The idea is to find out what role smoking plays in these stressful jobs - if any - and if it is prevalent and helps relieve stress, tension and maybe even mental health issues arising from such stressful work. They would like to interview a paramedic primarily for a print piece on the site which would sit alongside other pieces on first responders - they've already secured a piece with the London Fire Brigade and would love to chat to a paramedic as well.

As a disclaimer, Change Incorporated is an independent editorial site, but their Quit Cigarettes mission is funded by Phillip Morris International - PMI have no editorial input into the content.

If you’re interested in being interviewed, please get in touch with: ruth.gaukrodger@vice.com, with the subject line: PARAMEDIC.

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