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Invitation to join our online workshop on #advancedpractice

Posted: 29.10.2018

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Health Education England (HEE) launches an online workshop on multi-professional advanced and consultant practice and to ask you join the discussion.

The workshop will run, initially, for a period of two weeks until Friday 16 November. During that time they are keen to get as many people involved in the discussion so that they can develop a much clearer understanding what is happening across health and care in advanced practice now, but even more importantly, what needs to change. Your views are critical to help HEE, NHSE and NHSI and others develop this role, working with employers, healthcare professionals, educators and trainers, professional bodies and regulators. 
Participating is easy; simply register at the following site (https://advancedpractice.clevertogether.com) and get thinking! You can observe the discussion, post ideas or comments, or simply press a voting button to express support for an idea already up there. It really is that simple. What’s more it’s anonymous and moderated by our partners, innovation agency, Clever Together.

Please sign up to https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/advanced-clinical-practice/virtual-reference-group to stay updated after the workshop. 

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