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Graduate Paramedic Programme for NIAS

Posted: 07.01.2019

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The College of Paramedic is delighted to join the celebration of the first graduate paramedic programme for the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service health and care trust (NIAS). The culmination of exceptionally dedicated work by Frank Orr, Johnny Noble, Sean Maguire, Paul Meehan, John Amos and the team from Ulster University, which saw approval of the FdSc in Paramedic Science delivered by NIAS in a strong partnership with Ulster University. It will start with 48 internal candidates in January 2019 and a second cohort in October of 2019, this model will continue for several years until superseded by an anticipated BSc (Hons), which has no set start date as it is subject to a consultation/tender process concluding around 2020. Paul Rafferty (Lead AHP) from the Department of Health is leading and supporting on a wide range of non-ambulance placements to ensure these graduates genuinely are fit for purpose, fit for practice and fit for the award, and will in due course support the design team on the BSc (Watch this Space).

NIAS has in recent years introduced an air ambulance, a full clinical support desk, community resuscitation development officers, community paramedics, Hazardous area response teams, and level six paramedic practice educators to support the growing number of student paramedics preparing to join this progressive service. So a full BSc after 2021 is of course in response to the recommendations of the Colleges Paramedic Evidenced Based Project (PEEP) report, and fulfils the mission statement of NIAS, “The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service will provide safe, effective, high quality, patient focussed care and services to improve health and well-being by preserving life, preventing deterioration and promoting recovery. 

Bob Fellows FCPara
Head of Education
College of Paramedics

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