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Blended learning for safeguarding adults Levels 3 and 4

Posted: 01.08.2019

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Earlier this year, Health Education England (HEE) brought together over 50 safeguarding professionals, including representatives from the College of Paramedics, to co-produce learning designed for levels 3 and 4 safeguarding adults training.  The training is set out in the ‘Safeguarding for Adults: Roles and Competencies’, the new national Intercollegiate document, which defines the safeguarding knowledge, skills and attitudes required by staff working in all health and care settings.  Work is now underway to produce national resources for training, to be launched in January 2020.  Level 3, which is the level set for paramedics, will comprise a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) – including online discussion, short video clips, links to reading material and online simulation using 360° immersive video.  The MOOC will be accompanied by a workshop toolkit comprising a guide to run face to face sessions, video clips and more.  For more information about this project or if you wish to be involved in the content review phases please contact alison.potter@hee.nhs.uk 

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