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Student HCPC Appeals Support

Legal Helpline: 0161 836 8973 / 0161 836 8899 during office hours.

What your membership covers you for in terms of application for professional registration:

Access to specialist legal advice should a College of Paramedics Student Member have their initial application to the “Paramedic” Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) register refused after successfully completing an HCPC approved programme of study.
The specialist legal team will*:

  • Assist in preparation of a Notice of Appeal;
  • Instruct our legal team to provide legal representation at any oral hearing should it be required.

*Provided that there is greater than 50% chance of a successful appeal. Decided by the legal team and College of Paramedics FTP Panel.

What is not covered in your membership:

Representation at student/educational related investigations and hearings or any judicial investigations into criminal actions by you.

Membership Conditions:

  • The Student member MUST contact the legal helpline for initial advice before completing and submitting the HCPC ‘Notice of Appeal’ form.
  • Specifically available to those eligible for, and being a Student Member of the College of Paramedics.
  • Be a fully paid-up member of the College of Paramedics at the time of notification of refusal of registration by the HCPC.
  • The Student Member must have had 12 months of continued membership immediately prior to the College of Paramedics receiving an application for legal support.
  • The Student Member must have successfully completed an HCPC approved Paramedic programme of study within 6 months of application to the HCPC Paramedic register.
  • The Student Member must provide the College of Paramedics legal team and Fitness to Practise Panel with a truthful account of your circumstances and any extra information we ask for to allow us to represent your case.

If you do not meet your part of the process, we may withdraw representation at any stage of the process, and we may recover any costs incurred.