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Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee aims to facilitate two way communication between the College and its student members.

The functions of the committee include:

  • Be responsible for communicating output from the Board of Trustees, as well as other key activities of the College to its student members
  • Survey student members and receive feedback to allow the Chair of the SAC to report on matters affecting students across the UK
  • Provide the Chair of the SAC with regional updates to promote discussion of regional challenges facing students; which in turn will feed into a report to the Board of Trustees
  • Oversee the provision of the College of Paramedics National Student Conference (UKSPC)
  • Manage the student specific social media accounts as per in accordance with the College’s social media policy.
  • Work with and advise the Marketing Manager to produce an ongoing strategy to increase student membership, and to improve the conversion of student to full member status
  • Provide a platform for regional and national discussion of ideas and activities to engage with and support all student members. 


SAC membership

The SAC will have student and full member representatives from the College Board and College membership:

  • Chair – Student Trustee or Student Alternate (Board of Trustees)
  • Vice-chair – Student Alternate or Student Trustee (Board of Trustees)
  • Regional Representative – England (north) (from local membership)
  • Regional Representative – England (south) (from local membership)
  • Regional Representative – Northern Ireland (from local membership)
  • Regional Representative – Scotland (from local membership)
  • Regional Representative – Wales (from local membership)
  • Full Board Trustee – Appointed by the Board in an advisory capacity to the SAC.