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Post Graduate Curriculum Guidance Group

 Graham Harris (Chair)  Director of Professional Standards, College of Paramedics
 Claire Horsfield  
 Kevin Barrett  Course Leader, Paramedic Practice, University of Brighton
 Michael Bradfield  
 James Taylor  
 Ken Street   Ken Street, Course Leader, Paramedic Science, University of Portsmouth
 Ursula Rolfe  Programme Lead, Paramedic Science, Bournemouth University
 Kirsty Lowery-Richardson  
 Mark Che Bruce  
 Stuart Rutland  Specialist Paramedic in Urgent and Emergency Care
 Richard Taffler  
 Pete Woodford  Associate Professor, Paramedic Science, St Georges University, London
 Andrew Webber  Lecturer, Paramedic Practice, University of Plymouth
 Dahrlene Tough  Council Member (Scotland), College of Paramedics
 Frank Armstrong  
 Sharon Harrison  
 John Donaghy  
 Andy Jones  Council Member (Wales), College of Paramedics
 Paul Aitken-Fell  
 Julian Rhodes  
 Jim Petter  
 Simon Dady  
 David Burbridge