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Paramedic Mental Health and Wellbeing Steering Group

David Davis                                  

@DavidDPara Integrated Urgent Care NHS 111 Workforce Development Programme National Clinical Lead at NHS England. Lead for Mental Health of the Profession, CoP

Chris Richmond  @NHS_Chris RightCare Hot Housing Implementation Lead at NHS England. @WeParamedics Team
Imogen Carter @imogencarter17 Executive Officer – Policy Development and setup support for PMHWSG, CoP
Liz Harris  @lizharrisFCPara Executive Officer – Professional Development and setup support for PMHWSG, CoP. @WeParamedics Team
Gerry Egan  @Gerry_Egan CEO, CoP
Andrea James  @HealthRegLawyer Professional Discipline & Healthcare Regulatory Partner, Knights 1759. Expert advice HCPC Fitness to Practise process and support
Ursula Rolf  (currently on PhD sabbatical), Lead for Mental Health Practice, CoP
Katie Pavoni  Paramedic and Senior Lecturer & Pastoral Care Lead at St Georges and Safeguarding Lead at British Red Cross. Mental Health First Aid
Bernice Hancox  Psychotherapist. Specialist Mental Health Paramedic and Staff Advice & Liaison Service Lead at WMAS. TRiM practitioner
Sasha Johnston  Paramedic, SWAST. HEE/NIHR funded MSc Clinical Research – exploring ambulance employee MH. Presenting at AACE International Ambulance MH Symposium
Jon Knight  Paramedic in 111 and primary care GP/OOH in Somerset. Worked with adult MH inpatients and part of Personality Disorder Team. PGCert in Clinical Psychology
Andy Elwood  Paramedic and Medical Standards Lead (Scotland and North England) and member of National MH Group for UK Search and Rescue. Patron PTSD999 and #itsoktotalk campaign
Jo Mildenhall  Paramedic Team Leader & TRiM practitioner and coordinator, SCAS. Studying for PhD Occupational Trauma Psychology. Therapeutic Counsellor