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Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee exists to support the development of paramedic education from pre-registration curriculum guidance through to post-registration career frameworks.

The functions of the committee include:

  • Providing guidance related to the education and training of paramedics
  • Supporting the curriculum development guidance
  • Developing and review the post registration career framework
  • Supporting Universities to produce courses that allow them to achieve the College of Paramedics course endorsement
  • Adjudicating the entries for the Carol Furber award


College of Paramedics - Education Advisory Committee (EAC) Members October 2018

Lizi Hickson
Trustee Offical for Education (Chair)
Kirsty Lowry Richardson
Lead Paramedic - Clinical Development, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Vice Chair)

 Mark Carroll
National Education Adviser - England

Frank Armstrong
National Education Adviser - Northern Ireland
John Burnham
National Education Adviser - Scotland
 Neil Hore

National Education Adviser -  Wales

 Bob Fellows

Head of Education

 Mo Rahman

Elected Student Representative Board of Trustees

 Matt Capsey

Senior Lecturer, Paramedic Science, Teeside University

 Gary Strong

National CPD Lead

 Georgette Eaton

Specialist Paramedic Practitioner - Urgent and Emergency Care South Central Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust 

 Vince Clarke 

Head of Endorsements
 Ursula Rolfe

Lecturer and Programme Lead MSc Trauma Sciences, Centre for Innovation and Leadership in Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton 

Ken Street 
Senior Lecturer/Course Leader BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science SHSSW University of Portsmouth
Tim Hayes 

Deputy Head of Department of Allied Health Anglia Ruskin University

Darren Wilkinson
Advanced Practitioner, Community Practitioner Alliance
Els Freshwater

Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Emergency Care, University Hospital Southampton

Consultant Paramedic, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance