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James Gardner Photo

James Gardner

Place of Work South Western Ambulance Service
College Area: South West

I am a graduate paramedic from Plymouth university. My primary occupation is as an operational paramedic with South Western Ambulance Service working in and around Bristol. I was a student member of the college, becoming a full member when I qualified in 2016. I was appointed as a trustee in June 2018. Alongside my regular duties as a paramedic I am also a pPED, staff representative and Time to Care champion. I really enjoy my participation in these roles, as I am passionate about paramedic education and service improvement.

In my spare time I am also a British Red Cross paramedic and attend events across the country. This voluntary role is extremely satisfying due to the varied nature of event medicine and the opportunity to work with an incredible network of volunteers. Otherwise, I have a keen interest in the outdoors and enjoy spending my time away from working exploring the world around us.

What is your one most important benefit of being a member and why?

As a member of the college of paramedics I am able to actively participate in the development of my profession by democratically engaging with the college’s activity. As a member of my professional body my voice on matters directly and in directly related to paramedic practice is stronger when advocated by the college’s representatives with the backing of the wider college.

What led you to become a representative trustee?

My main motivation to become a trustee is a passion to be part of the driving force behind the development of the paramedic profession. As a trustee I would like to represent the members and be a conduit from the college to them. Supporting members to take full advantage of membership benefits like CPD activities and advocate their interests on a national stage.

How would you like to see the College develop over the next five years?

I am exceptionally fortunate to become a trustee at such an exciting time for the college. The college has just achieved a great milestone for the profession with paramedic prescribing. The college is ever present in the media and at national advisory groups presenting the interests of the membership body. I am excited to see further development and uniform adoption of the colleges career framework to cement paramedic advanced practice within the UK healthcare network. Ultimately, I want to see the continued growth of the college and strong member representation.