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The title Fellow of the College of Paramedics that includes the post-nominal of FCPara will be awarded to paramedics who are full members of the College of Paramedics and who have made an outstanding contribution to the achievement of:

  • The College of Paramedics objectives, growth and development
  • Improving paramedic professional practice and in turn patient care or population health and wellbeing
  • Development of paramedic education and, in turn patient care or population health and wellbeing.
2011  Bob Fellows
2011  Malcolm Woollard
2012  Andy Newton
2012  John Donaghy
2012  John Martin
2012  Gerry Egan
2013  Jim Petter
2013  Adrian Conboy
2013  David Davis
2013  Andy Swinburn
2014  Paul Gowens
2014 Dahrlene Tough
2015 Pete Gregory
2015 Graham Harris
2016 Andy Collen
2016 Colin Crookston
2016 Mike Jackson
2016 Paul Younger
2017 Robin Lawrenson
2017  Stephen Dolphin
2017 Nigel Rees 
2017 Tracy Nicholls
2018 Liz Harris
2018 Steve Hatton
2018 Richard Pilbery
2018 Julia Williams
2018 Paul Bates
2018 Dylan Griffin
2018 Kevin Reid
2019 Martin Berry
2019 Tim Jones
2019 Kevan Whitehouse

The title of Honorary Fellow of the College of Paramedics may be awarded to any individual, regardless of professional background or qualification, who has made a similar contribution to the paramedic profession as full Fellows. Honorary Fellows are not entitled to use a post-nominal or be members of the Honours and Awards Committee. 


Honorary Fellows
   Douglas Chamberlain
  Carol Furber
  Roland Furber
  Julia Williams
2012 Jonathan Bracken
2012 Lorna Downing
2013 Dave Hodge
2014 John Gillespie
2015 John Hinds (posthumous)
2015 Mark Bloch (posthumous)
2016 Amanda Blaber
2016 Gareth Clegg
2016 Richard Lyon
2017 Anne Spaight
2018 Christina Freeman 
2018 Sue Johnson 
2018 Najia Qureshi 
2018 Claire Saha 
2019 Tom Quinn

Lifetime Achievement Awards are awarded to individuals who have made a long and outstanding contribution to the College of Paramedics, the paramedic profession or to patient care over the whole of their career, rather than or in addition to single contributions. This award will only be made when a suitable candidate has been nominated and may be presented at any point during the year.

Lifetime Achievement Award
 Roland Furber
Malcolm Woollard
Douglas Chamberlain
Graham Harris

The Paramedic Student of the Year (pre-registration) Award is given in recognition of outstanding effort made by a paramedic student. Recipients are nominated by faculty members of Higher Education Institute paramedic programmes in the UK. Recipients may have overcome personal barriers to perform well on their course, represented the College or the students on their course, provided support or mentorship to other students and/or received high praise from their Practice Educators/mentors.

 The Paramedic Student of the Year (pre-registration) Award
2017 Laura Kelly Edge Hill University
2018 Molly Smith Anglia Ruskin University
2019 Annabel Law Teesside University


The Carol Furber Award is presented in memory of the late Carol Furber who contributed so much to the College. The prime purpose of the award is to encourage members of the College of Paramedics to make case study presentations. This will promote reflection on professional practice and enable the results and experience to be presented to the wider profession and other health care practitioners. Case studies of a high standard may also raise research questions.

 Carol Furber Award
 2010  Ashley Reed
 2011  Jerome Mowat
 2012   Nick Brown
 2013  Tom Cheke
 2014  Jerome Mowat
 2015  Liam Hamilton
2016 Mark Hobson
2017 Matt Green
2018 Ben Baker
2019 Rohan Gupta