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Independent Prescribing – What might the future look like for paramedics and patients

The proposal to introduce paramedic prescribing was first made in 2009 and since then there has been lots of progress made. If the profession achieves independent prescribing, what will this mean for paramedics in everyday practice, and how will it affect patient care? This panel discussion recorded at the College of Paramedics' National Conference in May 2017 answers some of those questions in more details.

Independent Prescribing – What might the future look like for paramedics and patients

I was so pleased with the contribution from the audience at the panel discussion chaired by Matt Green MCPara at the College of Paramedics National Conference in May. It demonstrates to me that the topic of prescribing is of great interest to all paramedics and that while not all paramedics will be prescribing (when the law changes), it will have an impact on the paramedic profession that will influence all of our practice. Achieving prescribing status will demonstrate trust in the profession, and all levels of practice being “prescribing aware” will further promote the profession and our ongoing contribution to patient care across many provider settings. 

We return to the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) later this month (July 2017), and will continue to work towards ensuring that the members of the CHM can confidently recommend to government ministers a change to the legislation. I have always maintained that the decision to grant prescribing status will happen when all stakeholders feel the time is right, and, that we, as a profession, can answer any concerns. We will, of course, keep members updated with progress later in July.  Collectively, we have done everything possible – the lobbying is done; the collaboration with NHS England and other AHPs is nearly complete and we now just have to believe that we can provide assurance to the CHM that patients can be prescribed for safely by paramedics. 

Featured from left: Chair: Matt Green MCPara, Paramedic, South Central Ambulance Service, Panel: Gerry Egan FCPara, Chief Executive, Graham Harris FCPara, National Education Lead, and Andy Collen FCPara, Medicines and Prescribing Project Lead, College of Paramedics.  

Andy Collen DipHE MSc FCPara

Author: Andy Collen DipHE MSc FCPara (Medicines and Prescribing Project Lead, College of Paramedics)

03 07 2017


Tags: prescribing


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