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Black Dog

This poem was written by the late wife of Bob Fellows FCPara, Head of Education at the College of Paramedics whilst she was struggling with her depression.

Black Dog

Black dog small
Black dog big
Black dog jumps up
Gives my face a lick
Following me everywhere
Will not let me go
Backs me in a corner –
This black dog foe

Unwanted companion
On unseen lead
Awaits an opportunity
To sink his teeth
Always masquerading
As a faithful friend
All the white plotting
My untimely end

He tugs on the lead
And tugs on the lead
And drags me to the edge
Of a chair with a noose
Or a tall building ledge
Imprisoned, on lock down,
Fumbling for the key
My shout is like a whisper
“Can anyone hear me?”

I have had enough
Of identity fraud
My unique fingerprints
Are not dog paws!
On this canine interloper
It is time to impress
“You shall not take up residence
At my home address

Black dog big
Black dog small
Black dog choke
On your own toy ball!
Black dog rollover
My foot is on your neck
Take that thought captive
Black dog DEAD.

12 06 2019

Categories: Professional Focus

Tags: mental health


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