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East Midlands Regional Group

Council member: Dave Roberts


College of Paramedics East Midlands Regional Group Members

With a growing number of Full, Associate and Student Members of the College within our region it is important that the interests of these members are voiced at both a regional and national level.
With this in mind the College is keen to develop the East Midlands Regional Group to ensure that members can communicate with the College on a more effective basis.
We are therefore looking for Full Members within the East Midland Region to represent their area at the Regional Group. These members will form a conduit to the Council and work actively to promote the College and its objectives to current and prospective members within their locality.

Station Champions

We are also looking for a number of College Members to take on the role of Station Champion. The purpose of this position is to take responsibility for promoting the College and its objectives at a station level, illustrating the work of the College and actively campaigning for their colleagues’ membership.

Whilst Regional Group Membership and Station Champion are both voluntary roles and can of course be occupied by the same person, it must be acknowledged that each requires the individual to commit to a degree of activity and College Members should ensure they take an active role.

If you wish to take an active part in the College within your area please email: membership@collegeofparamedics.co.uk