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“Anyone serious about the future of our profession must be a member of the College.  The work that is being done to ensure that we can control our future with initiatives such as paramedic prescribing is invaluable and can only be successful with a greater number of members, so join up now!”
Giles Adams, Clinical Operations Manager, South East Coast Ambulance Service


"I'm due to qualify in around 6 months and am equally excited and scared to death but I'll continue to look to the College of Paramedics to help me learn and improve the care I give". 
Catherine Jones, Student Member, Sheffield Hallam University


“The College should be supported as we as a profession should be represented by us (paramedics). Our clinical practice has historically been driven by the medical profession but in the future paramedics should aim to take more responsibility for the development of the profession. I believe all colleagues should support and push to achieve Royal College.”  James Stubley, MCPara, Clinical Supervisor/Aircrew Paramedic

“I joined the College because I am passionate about my profession and I believe that it should have a voice; an ability to stand up and be counted amongst the Colleges of its fellow medical professionals. By standing together with fellow paramedics I can contribute towards the voice that my profession needs in order to evolve and grow.”  Kirsty Lowery-Richardson, MCPara, Education Commissioning and Assurance Manager, Yorkshire Ambulance Service

“I think in general people don’t really understand what we do, how unpredictable it can be and how challenging the circumstances often are. The College of Paramedics raises our profile and most importantly for me, increases our credibility amongst the rest of Healthcare Professionals.”
Liz Harris, MCPara, Yorkshire Council Member.


“The College of Paramedic national conference provided an excellent blend of learning and research.”
Gary Strong PGDipClinEd, MCPara, Programme Lead, Paramedic Practitioner, Plymouth University

“All paramedics need to register with the College to promote and protect the profession; to gain respect from the medical community we must present ourselves as a professional organisation.”
 Ed Gardner, Specialist Paramedic, GP Surgery

“I am proud to be a member of the College of Paramedics, it has shown great leadership in moulding paramedics into a tight profession.”
Wendy Jubb, Ambulance Technician, Scottish Ambulance Service