Critical Care Workstream Development Survey

Please find below the Critical Care Workstream Development Survey.

This survey aims to canvass the thoughts and opinions of paramedics across the UK who are working in, or are interested in critical care. This may be pre-hospital / retrieval / in-hospital / military etc.

Prior to completion, you may wish to give particular thought to question 6: “How would you like to see the College increase support to paramedics who currently, or wish to specialise in critical care?”

Results of this survey will be analysed and used to create clinical development (emergency & critical care) workstreams that align with the College of Paramedics 2019-2024 strategic aims.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. If you would like to discuss any of your comments directly, please email:
 Tony Stone MCPara – Head of Clinical Development for Emergency & Critical Care, College of Paramedics.