The College of Paramedics Announces Its Interim Chair of Council


The College of Paramedics is pleased to announce the appointment of Rory O’Connor as its Interim Chair of the new Paramedic Council.

Rory, who currently works in primary care as an Advanced Paramedic and has been the Representative Trustee for Northern Ireland for over eight years, will take up the role with immediate effect. Rory has built up a strong political footing for the College of Paramedics in Northern Ireland and brought a strong and articulate voice to the existing Board. 

He said: “I am looking forward to working with my fellow Representative Trustees to develop the Paramedic Council into a strong voice of the membership. I am excited to contribute to the leadership, drive and collaborative working that is needed to guide the College through this period of change, as well as helping the membership engagement to continue to develop and grow.” 

As Interim Chair, Rory is primarily responsible for the effective and efficient functioning of the Council. As a member of the Board of Trustees, the Chair represents the Council and membership within the Board. Other duties include: 

Promoting an active and visible response within the organisation to current and changing health care in the UK and abroad.

Ensuring that each and every council member has the opportunity to articulate, and advocate for, the College member perspective.

Making certain that the Council plays an instrumental part in guaranteeing strategy is developed and delivered with the membership interests at its core. 

Encouraging high levels of regional engagement with members.

Tracy Nicholls, CEO of the College of Paramedics said: “The election for Chair of the Paramedic Council saw an excellent field of candidates who have all contributed an enormous amount to the College of Paramedics. Rory’s appointment will now enable the Paramedic Council to be formed. And there’s no doubt in my mind that his passion for our members and his drive and determination will continue to shine through. Rory is an advocate of inclusivity and brings with him a wealth of personal and professional experience to both the Council and the Board. We look forward to supporting Rory in his new role and wish him great success.”


The College of Paramedics is today formally announcing a major restructuring of its governance model, implementing a plan that has been in development over the last year, following a major governance review by the Board of Trustees.

The restructuring is in response to the College’s growing membership which now represents 20,000 members in the UK, the fact that the profession has developed and diversified in its scope and work settings, and the need for a stronger, more inclusive membership focus.

With the proviso that membership will be in agreement at the AGM 2021, the following changes will be implemented:

  • The Board of Trustees will be reduced from 15 Representative Trustees and eight Trustee Officials to nine Trustees whose focus will be on overseeing the charity’s work within a robust policy, governance and financial framework.
  • The members’ representatives will now form the Paramedic Council and be the voice of the membership. The Council will play an instrumental part in ensuring that strategy is developed and delivered with membership interests at its centre. The Council will be supported by Head Office staff to develop connections with members within their region or sector and build effective groups and networks.
  • The Chief Executive and her team (the Chief Executive Group) will be able to deliver the services and workstreams of the College within a refreshed reporting and governance system.
  • Working together, the Board of Trustees, Paramedic Council and Chief Executive Group will provide collective leadership for the College of Paramedics and ensure the effective running of the charity, delivery of strategy and active membership representation.
  • Mirroring the Paramedic Council will be the Student Council which will have representatives from each region to provide a distinctive student voice within all that the College of Paramedics does. The Paramedic Council and Student Council will work together, with the Chair of the Student Council being a member of the Paramedic Council and one member of the Paramedic Council having an advisory position on the Student Council.

Tracy Nicholls, CEO of the College of Paramedics said: “These changes are the result of a Trustee-led project which will ensure our members remain at the heart of the College. We strive to represent members on all aspects of the profession and the new governance arrangements will allow the College to be more flexible and agile in its business as our membership grows. My thanks go to all those who have worked so hard to bring this together and to all of those talented and dedicated people who have either stood for elected positions or who have worked tirelessly in the background to make this happen. I look forward to presenting this to members at our next Annual General Meeting for approval.”